Thursday, 23 August 2012

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Free Download Full version

Keyboard Shortcuts for Urdu InPage
Speed up your outputs by using these shortcuts.Practice is the key to success. Good Luck!

In Windows Vista:

If you are using Windows Vista, after installing the above keyboard you can type Urdu on your Windows Vista Computer. To switch between Urdu and English keyboard, you can press Alt+Shift. Or on your taskbar you can see EN or UR and click on it to select the language as shown in this figure:
Vista Taskbar Showing Languages

In Windows XP:

If you are using Windows XP, you need to follow step 3 to enable Unicode Urdu in Windows.
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Ctrl + N
To Create a New File
Ctrl + O
To Open a File
Ctrl + S
To Save a File
Ctrl + Alt + S
To Save As… a File
Ctrl + Y
To Import Text/Picture
Ctrl + Alt + Y
To Export Text/Picture
Ctrl + P
Print a File
Ctrl + F4
Close the File
Alt + F4
Exit / Close Program
Ctrl + X
Cut Selected Item(s)
Ctrl + C
Copy Selected Item(s)
Ctrl + V
Paste Selected Item(s)
Ctrl + Z
Undo / Redo Last Action
Ctrl + F
Find Text
Ctrl + R
Replace Text
Story Editor
Typographic Preferences
Alt + F11
Application Preferences
Ctrl + F11
Document Preferences
Zoom - Fit to Window
Zoom – 50%
Zoom – 100% (Original)
Zoom – 200%
Snap to Guides
Double-Click On Rulers
Format Guides
Alt + Insert
Insert New Page
Alt + Delete
Delete Page(s)
Ctrl + Alt + I
Insert Index Entry
Ctrl + Alt + O
Insert Table of Contents
Ctrl + Alt + G
Group Objects
Ctrl + Alt + U
Ungroup Objects
Go to Font Window (Ribbon)
Alt + F12
Go to Page Window (Page)
Ctrl + F12
Go to Zoom Window (View)
Double Click
To Select Word
Triple Click
To Select Paragraph
Ctrl + A
Select All
Drag Drop File
Open File from File Manager
Drag Drop Picture
Insert Picture from File Manager
Ctrl + B
Bold Selected Text
Ctrl + I
Italics Selected Text
Ctrl + Alt + L
Left Alignment
Ctrl + Alt + R
Right Alignment
Ctrl + Alt + C
Center Alignment
Ctrl + Alt + J
Ctrl + Alt + F
Full Justified
Ctrl + Alt + T
Toggle Text and Tab Modes
Ctrl + T
Define Style Sheets
Ctrl + H
Character Format
Ctrl + G
Paragraph Format
Ctrl + Shift + F5
Increase Line Leading Space
Ctrl + Shift + F6
Decrease Line Leading Space
Ctrl + F5
Increase Character Spacing
Ctrl + F6
Decrease Character Spacing
Ctrl + Shift + F7
Increase Character Scaling
Ctrl + Shift + F8
Decrease Character Scaling
Ctrl + F7
Baseline Shift Up
Ctrl + F8
Baseline Shift Down
Ctrl + F9
Decrease Font Size
Ctrl + F10
Increase Font Size
Alt + Page Down
Go to Next Page
Alt + Home
Go to First Page
Alt + End
Go to Last Page
Alt + Up Arrow
Top of Previous Textbox
Alt + Down Arrow
Top of Next Textbox
Ctrl + Up Arrow
Top of Paragraph
Ctrl + Down Arrow
Top of Next Paragraph
Page Up
Scroll Page Up
Page Down
Scroll Page Down
Alt + Enter
Toggle Master/Document pages
Ctrl + Space
Toggle Eng/Urdu Keyboard