Thursday, 16 August 2012

VLC Media Player Free Downlaod

VLC media Player 

This is the download page for the download "vlc-2.0.2-win32.exe". For more downloads for the software VideoLAN (VLC), please return to the main software page by clicking .

Can Instal Vlc Full Version 

Windows XP SP2, 2003 SP2, Vista SP1, 2008 SP1, 7 and 8
VLC Media Player is a form of MPEG encoding. It is a flexible audio and video compression format. The format describes audio and video compression, with a container format for streaming across networks and saving to disk. It also contains optional extra features, including DRM and subtitles. These extra features are only included in software if needed. MPEG-4 can provide better quality than MPEG-2 at low bitrates.